Storage. Well-organised storage that makes effective use of space is the key to a smooth-running and functional kitchen. Not to mention decluttering worktops of rarely-used gadgets mean you actually get to enjoy your beautifully designed kitchen!

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Painted larder cupboard

dresser with glass doors

Standard prison bar larder

fridge surround wine drawers

Dresser and cat

Large slatted larder cupboard

Corner larder cupboard

Panelled front larder/crockery cupboard

crockery drawers w/ leather base

Standard prison bar larder

Crockery drawers

Large prison bar larder cupboard.

Fridge larder surround

Wall cupboards – great for storing food and crockery, especially ‘grab and go’ units (tea/ coffee/ mugs next to the kettle or utensils by the cooker) to make life just a little easier. Balances the bottom-heaviness of a design with all cupboards below waist height.

Whiteware surrounds – made-to-measure beautiful real wood housing for tall fridges/ freezers. Blends appliances in with your kitchens style and creates the perfect space for tall items (brooms, ironing boards etc.) as well as making use of otherwise dead space with overhead cupboards.

Sideboards and free-standing cupboards – forget 70s reproduction kitchens from hell. Our contemporary design has all the wow of our centre islands. Available with pot shelving, deep drawers and marble/ granite tops… these are seriously beautiful. For a traditional, but not dated, look we have a design that’s a great match for our dining furniture.

Housekeeping / larder cupboards – serious storage space that’s practical and roomy yet doesn’t dominate the whole room. This popular choice has moveable shelving and is available with cooling marble tiles. With what we fit in our larder (that includes catfood for Mr. Mittens and toys to keep the kids happy) we could survive a 10-day siege.

Dressers — combining practical storage with display to rescue your fine crockery from back-of-a-cupboard oblivion. Especially well-suited to country kitchens we always carry several in stock – painted or au naturel.