When it comes to bedrooms and bathrooms what we hear from people is they want functional rooms but with the comfort of home not a soulless hotel.



One word… storage. How to keep all your clothes neatly stored and easily accessible without feeling crowded or like you’re sleeping in a storage depot? How to make the best use of space, especially when it’s awkward?

We’ve designed bespoke wardrobes in all kinds of styles to tackle all kinds of challenges — from low eaves on a mezzanine level to obstinate beams and chimney breasts; radiators hogging the only free wall to making beautiful wardrobes from existing alcoves.

Whether it’s a charming old teak wardrobe with easy-open fan-fold doors or a floor-to-ceiling ‘wardrobe wall’ for a slick metropolitan apartment with character.

Complementing our wardrobes we have designed a collection of beds, side tables and chests of drawers. Beds range from sumptuous heirloom beds and four-poster day beds to dumb valets for when guests need a place to crash.


It’s not always easy extending the style and comfort of your home to the ‘smallest room in the house’. Especially with en-suites, it can seem like you’ve stepped out of your home into a generic hotel bathroom or flatpack showroom. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Imagine a Victorian-style valet complemented with a painted mirror. Or a classic double-sink  unit with an easy-clean and beautiful marble top. How about glass-fronted drawers that turn folded fresh towels into a contemporary work of art.

Teak bathroom

Whatever your style we can help you achieve a more personal, more in-keeping bathroom. We can even help you source the right flooring, bathroom suites and paint colours.